Over 450 restorations and counting

Rear of Le Mans Cloan||||

Here at British Motor Corporation we have performed over 450 different restorations. Locally owned and operated in Philadelphia, PA, we have more than 26 years of experience in metal fabrication and mechanical restoration. 75% of our work comes from rescuing cars from other restorers. Our cars provide you with a sense of quality that you won’t find with most other restorers. With an array of prized models for sale and skilled technicians adept at every aspect of restoration, we are proud to be the preferred choice for British sports car enthusiast worldwide. 

We offer written estimates, professional references and agreed pricing on all restorations! 

Don’t be a guinea pig!

Would you see a dentist for brain surgery?

Choosing the best doctor for a delicate operation will minimize complications and usually provide the best chance for a successful outcome. A doctor who has performed an operation 450+ times should be more successful and adept at obtaining positive results than a doctor learning the procedure for the first time, using you as the Guinea Pig! 

How to choose a restoration shop?

Choosing a Restoration Shop is much like selecting a Doctor, or a Contractor. You must check reputation, references and ratings. Like a Doctor, restoring British Cars requires a special set of skills. We have developed our method of restoring British Cars over the past 26 years and 450+ successful restoration opportunities. We are one of the few shops in the industry that has developed and utilizes a production line in restoring British Cars. Our team of nine professional British Car restorers can provide the finest quality fit and finish in less time, and more economically than the shop that is learning the proceedure on your car.


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